The story of one sad goat baby

Do you remember this?


See that little skinny goat in the middle? That guy is Marshmallow, or Mr. Marsh, or Smarshy-Von’Mellow as we like to call him. Yes, he was just about a week old in that photo. An orphaned goat kid who we literally got for free…thrown in as part of a deal with with two other buck boys. A pathetic lot of three sick, skinny, babies that we were stupid enough to take home with us. Put in the back of our SUV, where we prayed they wouldn’t escape when we ran into Chipoltle on our way home.

You can read part of that story at the end of our very first post

We thought we knew a thing or two about goats before we brought these guys home. We were wrong. Very, very wrong. We knew nothing….including nothing about goat care, nada. But at 10pm on the day before my birthday, the whole family was out in what would become the goat barn..trying to get week old goats to drink from playtex drop in baby bottles.

It was pathetic really and after watching Marshmallow for a while, we were almost certain he wouldn’t live through the night. He was so small and had started to sneeze. The other two boys were small. But not nearly as small as Marshmellow. We realized he was probably just born, ripped from his mother at birth.


I remember that each time I went to the shed, I was terrified to find him dead. But somehow that little goat kept growing. We also learned we really needed to debud (dehorn) these guys before it was too late. So after a lot of searching, we found a traveling vet to come do it. She did debud the other boys, but claimed Marsh was too weak and that she would have to come back IF he survived. She gave him antibiotics.

And that little sick goat kept growing…along with his brothers. All three of those guys were cute, but Marshmallow stood out as the clear favorite. The children liked him best




So after we wised up and found a home for two of these guys (having more than one boy is stupid and not really safe) there was no way the children were going to let us get rid of Marshmallow. And he grew and grew. He is now 7 months old and very solid. We did fix him and he is now considered a weathered male, which takes away from the nasty temperament and odor a buck has. It also means we can keep him with the girls, something you cannot do with a buck. So Marshmallow serves no real purpose, he cannot be bread or milked..but he has become a companion and a friend. He is a true Underdog. After some investigation I learned that large goat dairies basically give their male kids away right after birth. The guy we bought him from probably goes to the dairy and picks up truckloads of these boys to sell. It is likely that most people who buy them are looking for a cheap meal. So it is likely that Marshmallow would have died, or been eaten. But instead he became our practice Kid, and of course he was followed by three sister goats who keep him honest and entertained.

See how much he has grown over the months….






He is the guy in the middle who is being pushy for his food…..oh Mr. Mellow, you have come a long way.

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